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I fly, dive, ski and love wildlife. If such a thing exists, I am a right wing greeny. Below is a quick glance of my life.

Graduated Officer Cadet School Portsea 1979. Contracted malignant cancer several years later and resigned. (Thinking better travel while I can!)

Don't blame me for this. I told the guys to stop lighting farts, they just wouldn't listen. Kuwait, during the first gulf war. Actually it wasn't funny, we were there to save wildlife...and we did.

Some of my crew on the front of National Geographic. It was here that I learned not to believe anything you see on TV.

I founded and published NZ GREEN magazine. Distribution 60,000
This is what got me passionate about writing and publishing.

"I think my camera's under there. anyone want to get!" 
Slack buggers, we were going to fire the RPG in the foreground but there was so much ordnance laying around it was a little scary. Not to mention all the damn mines. (Lucky, where I was going to fire it was filled with 105mm shells.)

I built and flew the first  certified micro light floatplane in New Zealand. This was used to video at an oblique angle the NZ coastline, overlayed by GPS.

"What did you say? The tail is falling off!" Actually it was, a strut had been sawed in half. After this third sabotage attempt I cancelled the project before someone got killed. After two engine failures through sabotage and some emergency landings I figured I was running out of luck.

I was 38 when I did this. One of the best things I ever did, nothing compared to military service, but it was still really bloody hard. Straight after this I ate several Kentucky fried chicken packs...never tasted soooo good.

I got the publishing bug back in 1994 and started a company called AWP. We were the first to use digital cameras extensively, and produced numerous CD's presenting fairway to hole presentations of golf courses all over the world. We also digitised video and were among the first to produce truly multimedia PC productions.

Fulcrum and Falcon.  Details
My ezimerchant products.

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